Dismantling Eugenics: A Convening

September 27 to October 2, 2021

Dismantling Eugenics is a free, online event that reckons with the history of eugenics; lifts up the grassroots movements working to counteract the oppressive legal and social structures that still further eugenicist ideals today; and offers space to envision and work towards an anti-eugenics future. Over six days, Dismantling Eugenics will feature thought leaders, activists, poets, scholars, artists, and others in short presentations, readings, moderated conversations, and artistic interventions. The event has been organized in collaboration with members of the disability justice community, and so has made accessibility a priority for all presentations. Please register to access complete information about the event. 

The event will act as a counter-centennial to the Second International Eugenics Congress, held at the American Museum of Natural History a century ago, and which furthered the politics of exclusion that continue to operate in our society today.

Dismantling Eugenics is presented by the Anti-Eugenics Project, an interdisciplinary effort working to understand and bring awareness to the continuing legacy of eugenics, which applied supremacist principles to a wide range of hard and social sciences and public policies. The Anti-Eugenics Project seeks to excavate the lasting effects of eugenics and in doing so, begin to dismantle the politics of exclusion – the founding eugenicist ideology that some humans are “fit” and and others are “unfit” – that continue to plague our society in the forms of racism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, xenophobia and other forms of social tyranny.

Featured Participants

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Joy Harjo
Muscogee (Creek) Nation, US Poet Laureate

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Richard West
Founding Director, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Talia Lewis
Abolitionist attorney, educator, and organizer

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Lydia Z. Brown
Policy Counsel, Center for Democracy and Technology

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Ruha Benjamin
Associate Professor of African American Studies, Princeton University

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Thenmozhi Soundararajan
Dalit rights activist; Executive Director, Equality Labs

Headshot of Joy Harjo
adrienne maree brown
Author and activist

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Darren Walker
President, Ford Foundation

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Ellen Futter
President, American Museum of Natural History

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Patty Berne
Co-Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, Sins Invalid

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Alok V. Menon
Writer, Performer, and public speaker

Headshot of Joy Harjo
Sean Saifa Wall
Former President, Interact Advocates for Intersex Youth